SFS Modes

SFS Modes

SFS is an amazing system for mastering all fingerings, all positions in all keys for any type of scale, WITHOUT BOX SHAPE MEMORIZATION

Using understanding instead of mindless repetition, SFS allows you to learn how to freely navigate the fretboard in record time. 

- Learn to build all Modal fingerings on the fly, without memorization.

- Move freely everywhere on the fretboard.

- Gradual, step by step instruction that helps you enjoy the process and build a solid foundation for fretboard navigation.

- Add improvisation ideas at every stage in order to develop your personal improvisation language.

- Work in all keys, learn to apply SFS to 3NPS & Hybrid fingerings, and more...


In this course we apply the String Fragment System in a way that allows us to smoothly flow between adjacent positions. We explore Horizontal Connections on all strings, adding an advanced skill to your fretboard navigation toolbox!