The "Groups Of Four" Challenge

     I will be adding video instruction in the future, but for now this package contains 9 exercises:

  • PDF format (these include pickslanting color coding)
  • Guitar Pro format, which can be used with the GP speed trainer.
  • Download link for MTC: Musician Training Centerthrough which you can access these exercises in the cloud based “public drills” section, for use with the MTC play along trainer.

    Picking Strategies covered:

  • Legato
  • DWPS
  • 2WPS Economy Picking
  • 2WPS Alternate Picking


    The pdf files include detailed notation, tablature, plus pickstroke and pickslanting instructions:


If you are not familiar with pickslanting concepts you should definitely check out Masters in Mechanics by Troy Grady. It is in my opinion the most comprehensive and effective study on the subject of picking technique, plus much more.