String Fragment System™️


SFS Guitar Courses

Explore these methods and discover how you can move freely on the fretboard and improvise creatively. Instead of dry memorization, we use SFS (String Fragment System) which helps you organize and understand the fretboard in an effective way.

SFS Fretboard Secrets (free)

Get ready for a few "A-ha" moments with this introduction to the basic concepts of SFS.

SFS Pentatonics

Learn to build ALL pentatonic fingerings "on the fly", everywhere on the fretboard, without memorizing boring pentatonic boxes!

SFS Pentatonics 2 - Navigating Chord Changes

Learn to improvise melodies that flow through complex chord and scale changes!

SFS Modes

Learn ALL the modes, everywhere on the fretboard, again without memorizing boring box shapes!

SFS Modes 2 - Horizontal Connections

Learn to move between adjacent modal fingerings, using any string as a horizontal connection point!

SFS Colorful Triads

Learn how to improvise using Triads and Chromatic Approach Notes to add color to your soloing.

FREE - Get SFS Fretboard Secrets