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Lead Guitar Lessons


Lead Guitar Lessons


Solved: What Scales To Play Over 12 Bar Blues

Learn how to solo over 12 bar blues, and how to switch to the right scales, at the right place on the guitar fretboard.

3+2/2+3 Diagonal Pentatonics

In this post we explore a simple system that enables you to map diagonal pentatonic fingerings that run through the whole length of the fretboard.

Solved: 2nps VS 3nps Pentatonic Boxes - Clear Up The Confusion

Learn the difference between 2 and 3 notes per string pentatonic scale shapes. Use both to power up your guitar soloing and fretboard navigation skills.

Learn How To Mix Modes and Pentatonic Scales For Colorful Guitar Soloing

Mixing Modes and Pentatonic Scales opens up new colorful options for your guitar soloing.

Conquer The Diminished Scale On Guitar - Awesome Ways To Play It

Learn how to play the diminished scale on the guitar, and where to use it in your solos. Also learn how to use the half-diminished pentatonic over m7b5 chords.

Practical and Fun System For Learning The Fretboard Quickly

Learn this fun and effective system for memorizing the notes on the guitar fretboard. Game-type drills and creative improvisation help implant the notes into our memory.

Epic Tremolo Picking Drill - How To Grow Your Guitar Skills Now

Play along with this fun tremolo drill, and take your guitar skills to the next level.

Rhythm Guitar Lessons


Best Ways To Make Modal Chord Progressions On The Guitar

Best Ways To Make Modal Chord Progressions On The Guitar

Cool Way to Build Dorian Chord Progressions On The Guitar

Create cool Dorian and Ionian chord progressions using this simple system. Optimized for guitar players

How To Create Awesome Phrygian Chord Progressions

Creating good Phrygian chord progressions is not as hard as it seems. Learn this method and make up your own chord progressions for any mode.

Lydian Chord Progressions - Time For An Awesome Modal Mood

Learn how to create that spacey Lydian chord progression mood using this simple system.