Epic Tremolo Picking Drill

Play along with this fun tremolo drill, and take your guitar skills to the next level.

What Is Tremolo Picking

This guitar lesson includes a video drill and a video lesson that will help you take your tremolo picking skills to the next level. But first let’s define what tremolo picking is.

According to Google, it is "a wavering effect in a musical tone, produced by rapid reiteration of a note". So on the guitar, this is basically picking down and up continuously on a single note.

For many people, practicing this seems like the most boring thing you can do 😟. But that’s because they are doing it wrong 😃. Practicing tremolo picking can actually be fun and rewarding, if done right!

Speed Picking On The Guitar

Playing fast involves many different skills that need to be developed. Tremolo picking is just one of them, but it is foundational. In other words, you can't make much progress in other skills (string switching, 2-hand synchronization, etc.) until you are a proficient tremolo picker.

So consider this lesson an important step towards your general speed picking goal, and make the included drill a standard part of your daily guitar warmup routine.

Note: The following tremolo picking drill starts at 80bpm and goes up to 185bpm. Depending your level this picking speed may be unrealistic. So start slow, and stop when it becomes impossible to keep up. Accuracy at slower speeds is more important, and it is accuracy that will make you faster eventually.

Video: Intense Tremolo Picking Drill

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Effective Tremolo Picking Tips

Sometimes guitar players may be doing something wrong, which could make their tremolo picking practice a complete waste of time. Watch this video from my free mini-course called String Guitar Jams to for some valuable tips o proper tremolo picking technique:

Video: Keys To Effective Tremolo Practice

Don't forget to enjoy your practice and be effective!

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